Our Governing Board is made up of twelve members across five types of governor: Co-Opted (7), Parent (2), Local Authority (1), Headteacher (1), Staff (1). Each of these types have specific rules around their appointment which are summarised below.

At Silverhill we don't tend to use Committees, instead opting to meet and make decisions more frequently as a Full Board. There is one exception to this, which is the Headteacher's Performance Management Committee, made up of the Chair, Vice-Chair and one other governor.

You can contact the governing board either directly through the chair by emailing, or by emailing the Clerk at

The Governing Board

Individual governors roles and responsibilities are currently under review, and this section will be updated once they are agreed.

There are currently no declarations of interest.

We currently have twoCo-Opted Governor vacancies.

Previous Governors

The following people have left the Governing Board in the last year, and we are extremely grateful for their service to Silverhill.

  • Amanda Baxendale, Parent Governor (19th May 2014 - 9th April 2022)
  • Kevin Huntly, Co-Opted Governor (21st April 2021 - 15th March 2022)
  • Claire Hunter, Co-Opted Governor (1st October 2010 - 10th January 2022)
  • Andrew Gallagher, Headteacher Governor (26th February 2021)

Appointing Governors

The rules we must follow to appoint governors varies by type. Below is a summary of these rules, but please refer to the Department of Education website for more details.

Headteacher: The Head is an automatic member of the board, but can resign if they choose to. If they choose not to take up this post, if cannot be filled by anyone else.

Staff: The staff governor is elected by other staff members. Anyone employed by the school is eligible to stand.

Parent: The parent governors are elected by other parents. Any person who has parental responsibility of a child at the school is eligible to stand.

Local Authority: This governor is nominated by the Local Authority (in our case, Derby City Council). Nominations may be rejected by the board, but we must explain why.

Co-opted: These governors are appointed directly by the board and can be anyone eligble to be a governor. The board will decide what skills are required when appointing these posts. The only restriction placed on these is that staff must not make up more than 1/3 of the total membership.

Additional Information

More details of the Governing Board can be found in the documents below.

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