Book Reading
Book Corner

Although we recognise the importance of extending our children's studies and educational experiences outside of school, we are passionate about what this should look like.

Your child, regardless of their age, is expected to read almost every night. Hopefully because reading is held in scuch high regard in our school, the vast majority of Silverhill children will be keen to read either alone or to an adult.

All children in school will have some phonics or spelling homework to complete every week. In addition times table or other related number work will also be expected. All children have a TT Rockstars log in and can practice them on line in the evening (internet permitting).

No other weekly homework will be sent home from school. We believe that quality family time is very important; and potentially excessive or demanding homework task can put additional and unecessary pressure on already busy homes. Educational research also says that the impact of homework on a child's progress is very minimal.

However, homework projects that require collabrative family work and learning are useful and effective in sharing and developing learning language at home. Therefore, projects such as building London Bridge, an Underwater Kingdom or an Air Raid Shelter scene in a shoe box are great fun and used regularly at Silverhill – sometimes done in school with partents invited in to help build!