F@ST (The Future at Silverhill Team)

During the academic year 2018/19, Silverhill completed a whole school review. All stakeholders; Children, parents, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, governors and community members were offered the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on the future developments of Silverhill.

Silverhill Primary will be 50 years old in 2021 and over the decades has created a strong sense of community pride and cohesion. A family feel that seemed intrinsic to Silverhill's image and success. Therefore the review of the school needed to be respectful and sensitive to its history but equally forward thinking to ensure the current and future cohorts of children were given the best possible experiences and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Following the gathering of ideas and opinions, a team consisting members of all our stakeholder groups was formed and named F@ST. The Future at Silverhill Team was born and embraced the task of assimilating and summarising the wealth of feedback we received.

These were the questions and areas for development that focused the review:


  • Our vision, ethos and school values.
  • How we deliver our curriculum.
  • How our children learn best.
  • What our school looks like and the messages our environment sends to children and parents.
  • Transition procedures; not just from Early Years into KS1 and Year 6 to secondary but between every year group.
  • How we celebrate learning.
  • How we promote healthy lifestyle choices and support physical and mental health.
  • What do we want our school website and school branding to say about our school?
  • Additional to the academic subjects, how good are we at personal development and celebrating individuality?
  • Keeping our children safe in and out of school.
  • Our role in the local and wider community. (Derby/ The Midlands/nationally/ globally)
  • The development of school staff and school leaders – does our succession planning future-proof Silverhill?
  • How do we want our children and staff to dress? (uniform/sports kit)
  • Social, emotional, spiritual and cultural development.
  • What opportunities do we give our children to develop their strengths and passions?


Brand Character Assessment

The F@ST worked with a marketing and branding consultant to analyse the review feedback and to create a Brand Character Statement.

'A supportive, inspirational learning family that values honesty and dedication; passionately celebrating individuality to develop creative and courageous futures.'

From this statement we creating a new school motto – 'Be Yourself'

Brand Character Analysis