'SPIRIT within our curriculum'

At Silverhill, we believe that the key to effective learning comes through the daily application of our SPIRIT values, developing inquisitive, self-motivated learners.​

STRENGTH - Courage and determination to do something difficult.

PERSEVERANCE - To continue with something even though It's difficult.

INTEGRITY - To always be honest and to do the right thing.

RESPECT - Admire good qualities in a person, to show consideration to others' feelings

INDEPENDENCE - To take charge of your own learning.

TEAMWORK - To work together with others.

Through these values children are encouraged to monitor their learning behaviour in terms of their goals and self-reflect on their increasing effectiveness, from Plan, do review in EYFS through to Curriculum learning challenges in Years 5 and 6.

This enhances their self-satisfaction and motivation to continue to improve their methods of learning​