Improving Children's Confidence, Mental Health & Well-Being

Children Running

We believe that improving children's self esteem is the key factor in developing them as effective and curious learners. Ensuring their emotional heath and mental well-being is looked after then we have laid the foundations for happy and successful children.

The aim of teaching children about mental well-being is to give them the information that they need to make good decisions about their own health and well-being. It should enable them to recognise what is normal and what is an issue in themselves and others. When issues arise, pupils must know how to seek support as early as possible.

Teaching about Emotional Heath & Mental well-being

  • Children need to be given strategies and understand the importance on how to self-regulate and how to respond calmly and rationally to setbacks and challenges. Children must learn that managing mental well-being is a normal part of daily life. Effective teaching will reduce stigma attached to mental health issues and children need to understand that good physical health contributes to good mental well-being and vice versa.
  • The importance of daily exercise, good nutrition and sufficient sleep should be taught in conjunction with mental well-being. Simple self-care, personal hygiene and knowing how to keep themselves safe are also significant elements that build up the holistic approach to emotional health.
  • Adults must model how to articulate feelings, develop the language to talk about their bodies, health and emotions and judge whether what they are feeling and how they are behaving is appropriate and proportionate for the situation that they experience.
  • Children should also be taught the benefits of hobbies, interests and participation within Silverhill and Mickleover community events. Our school ethos promotes individuality. Children must be recognised and celebrated for their strengths and passions. Our learning experiences must ensure children feel comfortable in their own skin. Our strapline says 'be yourself' but equally we must consider the needs of others and ensure children experience and feel the positive feelings and rewards of helping and serving others.
  • Well-being is one of our three curriculum core principles and therefore opportunities to reinforce the principles of emotional health should be maximised.
  • Teaching children to self-regulate their own mental well-being should focus on "5 ways to Well-being" (New Economics Foundation)

"5 Ways to Well-being"

  1. Connect with others

  2. Be active

  3. Be mindful (take notice of the present)

  4. Learn new things

  5. Give to others