How We Do It At Silverhill

How We Do It At Silverhill

We have a vision that is achieved through 'walking' our ethos every single day. We live  by our SPIRIT values to focus our actions and guide our decision making. Each Element of Learning is born out of curiosity, personalised to ensure equality and celebrated to improve children's well-being. Our 15 Golden Threads link the content of the National Curriculum to our 3 Core Principles to learning.

Learning Elements

Using history, geography or science as a driver, the curriculum is delivered through individual learning elements which enable children to develop thematic knowledge through the undertaking of subject specific skills. It is through these elements that pupils are provided with the knowledge and language which enables children to link their learning from year to year

One example of this is to link learning through the Golden Thread of 'travel':

Year Group Theme Driver Learning Element
6 World War 2` History Evacuation and the rail system
5 Earth and Space Science Space Travel
4 London Geography London Underground and the River Thames
3 The Romans History Roman Roads


What it might look like

Example of Year 4

what it might look like

Our Strategy


Our pedagogy...

Our teaching  approach (pedagogy) is  heavily based around these 6 strategies

Our pedagogy


  • Engage them...
  • Promote independence...
  • Apply knowledge...