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Return to School - Monday March 8th 2021

Published on 2 March 2021

The media throughout the pandemic has talked about the negative impact on our children's education. 'Lost learning', 'catching up', 'recovery curriculum' and even referring to today's children as the 'lost generation'. Obviously emotive phrases that this can be very worrying and unsettling to parents. However, we must remember that all children have been affected by the pandemic. Not every child is in the same boat but every child has experienced the storm.  

At the start of a new academic year, children return to school or start school as a 4-year-old from a wide range of starting points. Children's experiences from birth to school age differ vastly. As teachers, we are familiar with, and expect children to have a range of needs and priorities. Some children will return to school on 8th March and benefit from immediate target setting to address basic skills. Others will need bespoke pastoral support to help them reintegrate back into school. The majority of children will be somewhere in the middle, needing a combination of both approaches. In other words, returning to school following a year of disrupted school-based learning will pose a similar challenge to starting a new academic year in September.  

In 2018, Silverhill staff redesigned the children's curriculum. Not the learning outcomes, as that is outlined through the National Curriculum, but how it is organised, sequenced and contextualised. Our curriculum will not change because of the events of the last 12 months. Our three core principles of curiosity, wellbeing & equality will still provide its foundations.  

Our vision and ethos to be a supportive, inspirational learning family that is passionate about making children feel amazing, will remain. Our vision will not change because of a pandemic. We will sill celebrate individuality and encourage our children to follow their strengths and passions.  

If our children know they belong to Silverhill and we can celebrate their identity, each child will 'catch up' and take the appropriate and necessary next steps at their own pace.  

And so to Monday 8th March.

The one-way system through the school grounds is still in place. The entrance to the school grounds is via the back-gate on Hoylake Drive and the exit from the school grounds is on Draycott Drive. This is so that parents do not have to 'double back' to collect children from multiple year groups and can keep moving through the site without stopping. 

The time for dropping off your child in the morning has not changed. The doors will still be open for our youngest children at 8:45am and our eldest children at 9:15am. However, parents now have a 10-minute window to drop off their children. 

So, in the morning, 

  • Parents who are dropping off FS2/KS1 pupils ONLY must do so between 8:45am and 8:55am.   

  • Parents who are dropping off multiple siblings from BOTH key stages must do so between 8:55am and 9:05am.   

  • Parents who are dropping off KS2 pupils ONLY must do so between 9:05am and 9:15am.  

And, in the afternoon 

  • Parents who are collecting FS2/KS1 pupils ONLY must do so between 3:00pm and 3:10pm.   

  • Parents who are collecting multiple siblings from BOTH key stages must do so between 3:10pm and 3:20pm.   

  • Parents who are collecting KS2 pupils ONLY must do so between 3:20pm and 3:30pm. 


Drop off (AM)  

Collection (PM)  

FS2/KS1 pupils only  

8:45 – 8:55  

3:00 – 3:10  

FS2/KS1 and KS2 pupils  

8:55 – 9:05  

3:10 – 3:20  

KS2 pupils only  

9:05 – 9:15  

3:20 – 3:30 


We have tightened our risk assessment in school to enable us to isolate single classes, if necessary, and move to remote learning, not whole year groups.  

We have some staff who will be working remotely from home and others who will provide school base learning. The content of the curriculum will be the same and we will endeavour to make the experiences the same. 

In order for this to work, we need the whole of our community to work together and stick to the rules.  

We have improved our systems around dining, toileting and playtimes. We have also tightened expectations around staffing and their movement around school. 

 What we need you to do.  

  • DO NOT send your child to school if they or anybody in the household shows symptoms of COVID19.  

  • Utilise the one-way system through the school grounds when dropping off and picking up - entry by the back gate only.  

  • KEEP MOVING AT ALL TIMES - if you have arrived early for a year group drop off, please leave via the front gate and walk around to re-enter the site at the correct time.  

  • Arrive at the right time - if you are having to wait for your classroom door to be opened then you have arrived too early. Please exit the site by the Front gate, walk around and re-enter via the back gate. 

  • Ensure only one adult OR older sibling per drop off or pick up.  

  • During pick up, DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY. Your child will stay in the classroom with the teacher until we see you. (If you're child walks home alone or meets you at the gate, please let your class teacher know.)  

  • Communicate with the teachers through Class Dojo only, do not try to catch them during drop off or pick up.  

  • Report any absences to the school office and not via Class Dojo. 

As you set out your child's uniform on Sunday evening, pack their bag on Monday morning or feel the familiar stress of getting the family out of the house with as few tears and tantrums as possible - take a deep breath; remind yourself, this is just the next small step in a long journey. A journey of adjustment that will take time, positivity and patience.  

Together we've got this.  

Our children will be happy, educated and loved. We are all individuals. Let's be kind to ourselves, live in the moment and look forward to those blue skies again. 

In Silverhill's 50th year, we will be proud, celebrate and enjoy it together. 

As always, thank you for your support. 

Mr Gallagher & Mr Burley