Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Our teachers are Mrs McBride (4M - Pandas) and Mrs Dyke (4D- Rhinos) and our teaching assistant is Mrs Caborn. 

Throughout Year 4, we aim to create the opportunity for all children to immerse themselves fully into Key Stage Two and the exciting challenges that it brings! After successfully transitioning into Key Stage Two, the children now understand their role as independent learners within school. However, given the current circumstances, we are this year, ensuring that the wellbeing and happiness of our children are at the forefront of everything we do. We have high expectations and aim high, working hard to master key skills such as: organisation, time management and to continue the commitment and motivation towards learning and developing, in our true Silverhill style, in 'being yourself'. 

Teaching and learning does not stand still! We are constantly striving to excite, challenge and motivate, particularly through our three 'Theme' topics' (London, The Anglo-Saxons and 'Boy in the Tower'). 4751The content and rigour of our Year Four curriculum raises expectations and inspires our pupils to achieve the very best they can, in a fun and imaginative way!