Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. 

Our teachers are Mrs Turner (Polar Bears) and Mrs Winfield and Mrs Hardy (Penguins) with Mrs Norfolk and Mrs McDonald Teaching Assistants

In year 1 we start the National Curriculum and aim to build upon the foundations of learning that have been laid down in Foundation Stage. Our day is organised using the 'integrated day' approach. This consists of 4 learning activities taking place each day that the children access in small groups. These include: Maths, English, Theme and Plan-Do-Review.  We also teach whole class P.E. and Letters and Sounds. The 'integrated day' approach enables the children to work in small groups with adult support, where appropriate. The Plan-Do-Review element is a continuation of the structured approach to child initiated play that is started in Foundation Stage. When the children are not working in adult focussed /led groups, they have access to a carefully thought out, continuous provision that allows them to independently choose activities that enhance their learning further.

In year 1 we aim to further develop the children's' levels of confidence and independence and really develop a love of learning through our Themes of  'Through the Keyhole', 'Explorers' and 'Plant or Animal.'