Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Foundation Stage here at Silverhill! Are you looking for our tour? Click the link to see what FS2 is like!

We are an enthusiastic, hard working bunch who love to explore and learn through play. 

In the Tigers Class our teacher is Miss Garrington and our teaching assistant is Miss Horsley.

In the Lions Class our teacher is Mrs Allen and our teaching assistants are Miss Foster and Mrs Johnson. 


We have attached our Curriculum Overviews for the Autumn and Spring Term to give you an insight into our learning for each term but we have also provided some useful links to websites if you wish to further support your child at home also: 

Phonicsplay -   

Pobble365 – This provides a picture a day which will be can be used to support communication and language and creative play / writing at home. E.g. A picture of a sunflower  - they could create a storymap about a sunflower that grows taller than the clouds, either verbally or with simple sentences or labels linking. This could inspire artwork, small world play, dance or song. In the Summer Term, this idea could be extended to create their own small story linked to growing. 

Other useful youtube links:

- Cosmic Kids - Zen Den/ Yoga

- Alphablocks and Numberblocks

- Nursery Rhymes and songs

- Go Noodle

- Vooks ( Video books)

- Come Outside

- Storybots




Kind regards, the EYFS team