Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Foundation Stage here at Silverhill! Are you looking for our tour? Click the link to see what FS2 is like!

Here are some useful websites and ideas to support your child whilst working at home also.

  1. and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS.

Twinkl - (this provides One Month unlimited membership free of charge for twinkl resources and sheets. Look on the EYFS section for resources)



TTS - it has free downloadable learning packs in the form of activity books for your children.


3. Phonicsplay -   

Username: march20           Password: home


4. Pobble365 – This provides a picture a day which will be can be used to support creative writing at home. E.g. A picture of a sunflower  - they could create a storymap about a sunflower that grows taller than the clouds, with simple sentences or labels linking. Or create their own story linked to growing. This can work with different topics also.

Other useful youtube links:

- Cosmic Kids - Zen Den/ Yoga

- Alphablocks and Numberblocks

- Nursery Rhymes and songs

- Go Noodle

- Vooks ( Video books)

- Come Outside

- Storybots


5. Keep reading books to your children and supporting them to read simple words that they may recognise. You could also play word games together e.g. cut up some letters, they can arrange them to make new words, e.g. a, c, t , p, n, e  = pen, cat, net, tap, at, pat etc. This could then be extended into sentence writing linking to these words.


6. With regards to maths, you could use a set of numbers to 10 – play games like: Can you order my number? Pick a number – what is one more, one less? Turning 2 numbers over and adding them together. Taking 2 numbers away (remember biggest number first.) 


7. If possible – children could practise big and small motor movements using straight and curved lines, linked to our squiggle songs which we do in the morning: e.g Happy by Pharrell Williams, Best Days of My Life, Spin Me Round, Jailhouse Rock, Footloose, Dance with Me (Ollie Murs), Rockin Robin.  Also hopping, crawling, balancing, jumping etc  - which link to our physical literacy.


Kind regards, the EYFS team