Silverhill School News

Important message from the Governing Board

Published on 26 June 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The last 3 months has been an unprecedented time and, as the Governing Board of the School, we wanted to reach out to all of the staff, parents and carers in the Silverhill Community.

The closure of schools due to COVID 19 on the 20th March presented us all with several challenges in home and within our working lives. Many of you found yourselves at home with caring responsibilities, trying to do your own job and educate your children at the same time. Many of our staff were in a similar situation. They had their Summer Term plans disrupted and whilst they may not have realised at the time, had already seen some of the children in their classes for the last time. Our Senior Leadership Team had to try and cope with many competing and often conflicting priorities, from the Government and Local Authority guidance through to the huge number of key worker families in our community.

Some children within school may not have realised that this would mean that they would also miss out on a number of opportunities, including, trips, end of Key Stage tests, end of school performances and saying goodbye to staff. We recognise that, as parents and as a school, we have had to deal with the added anxieties this has bought for some children.

This lockdown period has brought relentless challenges for the school staff, which they have risen to admirably. For example, within the space of a weekend, making education materials available for parents and children online. For many, the transition to Teams meant engaging for the very first time with new platforms and technology and communicating with the Silverhill Community in a new way. The staff have risen to this challenge and in the true SPIRIT of Silverhill have used the strengths within their teams to get this up and running for our children. Despite the many challenges this has brought, the staff have been amazing and continue to uphold the high standards Silverhill expects. The Governing Board would to thank staff for their dedication, professionalism and drive to keep our community together.

We would like to recognise that the Senior Leadership Team and the Staff have done an outstanding job throughout this very challenging time and this has been recognised throughout the City and the Silverhill plan has been widely shared.

During this unprecedented time the Governing Board has increased the number of meetings that they have held with Senior Leaders within the School. We have been meeting almost weekly and the plan that we formed at the beginning of this crisis has been continuously evaluated in line with Government and Local Authority guidance. While the timescales and fine detail may have changed the overall plans have remained the same. Any of the changes that were required came back for discussion and ratification via the Governing Board.

The school is pleased that the reduction of social distancing rules from the 4th July 2020 means that, subject to clarity on the announcements, we are planning complete Phase one and move into Phase 2 of our plan on 7th July 2020. This will mean we will be able to invite Year 6 children back to school to complete their Silverhill Journey.

The Prime Minister's announcement on 23rd June 2020 also suggested that he plans to fully open schools in September 2020. The Governing Board have discussed this with Senior Leaders and are confident that with the strength of curriculum and the quality of our teaching we will be able to address any support children require to catch up from September.

The school is now planning for all possible scenarios in September. These range from a full reopening of the school, with or without modification, through to a partial or full closure either straight away or later in the academic year. This might be a national or local closure due to a rise in COVID cases. We hope to be ready for any of these possibilities.

We would like to thank you all for your continued resilience and we look forward to regaining some sense of normality during the summer months. We hope that you all have a happy and safe summer and fingers crossed will see you in September.


With Kind regards


Silverhill Full Governing Board