Silverhill School News

Important information regarding week beginning 22nd June

Published on 19 June 2020

Last night the Government announced a £1 billion 'coronavirus' catch up package for the 2020-21 year. Despite this announcement we have received no guidance or detail around this package therefore Silverhill and all other schools will await further directives before devising any appropriate plans for our school and our children.

Our position still remains the same: we are at full capacity therefore cannot offer any additional places. However, we do recognise and empathise that there are still a number of families within our community, many of which are key worker parents, who are experiencing difficult circumstances balancing work and childcare commitments. Although, not the most desirable option, if you have no other option, the local authority can be contacted to see if your child can be placed at an alternative school setting for them to attend in the short term. We will be more than happy to coordinate that for you, if you feel that is necessary.

What a brilliant week it has been for Silverhill! This week has seen our exemplary practice shared across the city for other schools to use to support their own models of provision during this period of wider re-opening.

We have been really pleased with what we have been able to provide to our community to support not only those children who continue with remote learning, but also with those children who we have been able to welcome back into school. We have been able to, and will continue to, provide:

  • a professional forum for all pupils to interact with their peers
  • a weekly overview with information regarding the week's learning
  • learning planned and uploaded by your child's teacher
  • work on a daily basis for all year groups
  • feedback to pupils on work submitted
  • staff available online to provide pupil support
  • a weekly online assembly for all pupils
  • a celebration of pupil's achievements via Class Dojo and Twitter
  • bespoke provision for our more vulnerable pupils
  • staff to monitor and support safeguarding concerns

In addition to this, we are now going to be providing access to DfE approved online teacher-led lessons - all the details of these lessons will be provided within the Weekly Overview. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the stresses on parents relating to children requiring supervision whilst working from home.

Our designated Online team will continue to provide the support to those children accessing their learning remotely. The names, days and times of the staff members providing this support are provided in the Weekly Overview.

Please ensure that you make yourself fully aware of which member of staff is available and when and keep your communications within these times as there will be no availability outside of these slots.

I must stress that the online support staff may not be your child's class teacher as the large majority of our teaching staff are now teaching in school and no longer part of the online team.

During the Summer term, we begin the planning process for September. We will be maintaining our traditional July 'long weekend' with INSET days on Friday 3rd July and Monday 6th July, when school will be closed to all pupils. With no further announcements, as yet, from the Government regarding September, we are creating plans to address the possible scenarios we may be faced with. There is a possibility that the Government guidance may not come until very late in the Summer. As soon as we have a clear picture of the expectations for September we will communicate plans to you – but this is not likely to be within the next few weeks. I would politely ask parents and carers not to enquire about our plans for September at this stage, as I am not in the position to provide answers to your questions.

Looking forward to next week, the Met Office are forecasting beautiful weather. This gives us a great opportunity to get outside as much as we possibly can. Please can you ensure that you send your child into school with a sunhat and apply sun cream before school? Please could you also ensure that they have a water bottle in school every day?

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Gallagher & Mr Burley.