Ofsted Reports

Our school was last inspected by Ofsted on 15th and 16th October 2013. This report was published on 11th November 2013. 

The school is delighted with the many positives that are identified in the Ofsted report and especially that behaviour, safety and the nurturing environment of the school was graded outstanding with pupil behaviour and attitudes to learning being described as exemplary. Teaching is at least good and teachers have high expectations so that pupils eagerly rise to the challenge of their learning. Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage make an excellent start to their learning and are extremely well prepared for Year 1.  The Breakfast and Afterschool club were praised for their stimulating environment in which personal and social skills were well developed. The curriculum was commended for the development of pupils' personal and academic development as well as the contribution of the ecological and global learning in developing relationships with the local and wider communities.

The Inspectors were pleased with the progress made towards our previous targets and are confident of further improvements under the current leadership and governance of the school.  Our key area for improvement is to develop consistency in marking throughout the school and ensure that pupils respond to teacher comments, reflecting on their learning.

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Silverhill Primary School Inspection Report 2013

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Our previous inspection took place on 20th and 21st November 2008. During this inspection the teamwork of the staff was praised highly and the fact that the pupils and staff both like and respect each other was identified as a real asset of our school.  Pupils personal development and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding are assessed as outstanding.  During the verbal debrief, the inspectors remarked that there was unparalleled pupil enjoyment as a result of our outstanding skills based curriculum.

The inspection team were extremely complimentary about teaching and learning and made particular note of how our sustainability and ecology programme at school promotes successful learning. The inspectors were also very impressed with the provision for children who are experiencing difficulties with their learning.

Inevitably, there were areas for improvement and we fully agree with the inspectors findings with regard to development as these have already been identified in our School Development Plan.  In particular, strategies are already in place to challenge the more able learners and ensure that pupils are aware of how to meet their own targets and improve their learning.

To read the 2008 report please use the link below.

Silverhill Primary School Inspection Report 2008

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