Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Overview

The Strategic Plan of Silverhill Primary School has been set by the Governing Board in order to provide clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction for the school.

Our Vision - At Silverhill our vision is to be an outstanding school that provides the highest possible standard of education for our children.  Our vision is for children to leave us well prepared for life's journey, wherever that may lead on their 'Learning Adventure' as a responsible, well-rounded global citizen.

Values/Ethos - We are passionate about enabling children to become confident, resourceful and well educated members of our society. In every context we promote high expectation, strong self-esteem, and high achievement in order to meet individual needs, be they educational or pastoral, and to allow each pupil to find a valued voice. We foster creativity and independence of mind, incite a love of learning and a life-long zest for education necessary for a successful and fulfilled future.

Our Aims - We aim, through constantly seeking the highest quality of teaching and learning, to enable our children to:

 - realise their academic potential and to be equipped to be successful in the next stage of their school career
 - be socially mature; demonstrating a high degree of emotional intelligence, empathy, understanding, tolerance and engagement with society upholding fundamental British values
 - possess effective life-long skills: resilience, resourcefulness and respect
 - develop appreciation and a love of life

Strategic Direction

With constant reference to the school's view and aims, the Governing Board works in partnership with the school staff to enable the implementation of the strategic plan.  In practice this is achieved through carefully constructed plans, which sets the actions for improvement for the current academic year and beyond.

The Governing Board will integrate and engage with the whole school community to enable the school to flourish by focussing on the strategic aims and by supporting staff with the execution of the strategic vision.





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