Silverhill is a dynamic and forward thinking school where we provide and maintain a culture of integrity and trust in which our pupils are honoured and people of all races, faiths and backgrounds are valued and respected. Our school recognizes each child's natural and unique abilities. The potential of each child is celebrated by providing a high quality, challenging, inspiring and engaging curriculum designed to meet the needs of each pupil.

As a school community we strive to develop a sense of the value and power of education.  The curriculum is the essence of what is taught in our school and it is imperative that it is relevant as well as organic, continually evolving to meet the needs of the pupils through the delivery of a high quality, inclusive and broad curriculum. As a community we are committed to ensuring our pupils experience and develop responsible environmental and democratic principles so that they are equipped to meet the challenges of their futures through a practical and relevant curriculum. We are dedicated to preparing our pupils for success in an ever-changing world by creating and nurturing a community of life-long learners and responsible citizens who embrace and promote British values.

For further details on our curriculum please contact your class teacher.