At Silverhill we aim to ensure that all children leave our school with a secure understanding in Computing a skill set that is growing increasingly necessary in the modern day. Computing is taught both independently as a core subject and applied throughout all areas of the curriculum, enhancing learning and teaching, and incorporates Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.

Starting with basic computer skills in the Foundation Stage, the children will develop a well-rounded understanding of how computer systems work, what they are used for and how these skills can be further applied.

Across all year groups we use various applications, topic related websites and interactive software to enhance learning experiences. We aim for each child to be confident in the use of the computer for multimedia creation, programming, data logging and online research. Internet safety is an important part of the pupils education and through a concise programme as well as enrichment focuses, we prepare and support children fully to ensure they remain safe on the web.

We are well resourced for computing at Silverhill. Every classroom is fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard and wireless Internet connections. Children have access to a bank of laptops, as well as a further 12 Raspberry Pis computers and set of 6 netbooks. In addition, we have a class set of tablets to support the application of computing across the wider curriculum.

Children are actively encouraged to use a wide range of technologies including BeeBots, microphones, programmable toys, data loggers, electronic books, CD Roms, DVD players, digital cameras, digital video cameras, webcams, visualisers and electronic microscopes to further enhance their learning.


Published on 30/01/2015