Global Citizenship

As a school community we strive to develop a sense of the value and power of education. The Learning Adventure is the essence of what is taught in our school and it is imperative that it is relevant, as well as organic and continually evolving to meet the needs of the pupils through the delivery of a high quality, inclusive and far-reaching global curriculum.

Through the SPIRIT of Silverhill, we endeavour to enable our young people to respect and understand the similarities between the different faiths and cultures in our world. Our curriculum enables the children to learn how to become conscientious citizens and to respect different cultures and faiths.

We are fortunate to have a diverse cultural population within our school community and the pupils learn from each other about the similarities between our faiths and cultures. At the heart of our learning is the SPIRIT of Silverhill , which encompasses and promotes British Values. Through our rich and innovative curriculum, we seek to enable our young people to embrace the values of tolerance, mutual respect, the rule of law, individual liberty and democracy.

School Council, Eco Committee and Team Captain elections promote democracy within our school community. Our Behaviour Policy is the vehicle for helping and guiding our children to understand the principles of the rule of law, right from wrong and individual liberty. As a school we are committed to following the principles of the UNICEF Rights of the Child and ensure that the children value the opportunities they are given.

In this era of advancing and immediate technology, the world is becoming more accessible to young people. Learning about and understanding different cultures, religions, languages and the geography and history of the world is a key aspect of our Global Dimension teaching.

Global Dimensions is embedded into our school ethos. We include elements of global teaching in curriculum planning across all subject areas. Our dynamic and varied curriculum addresses a variety of themes through long term projects such as 'The Polar Regions' and 'Rainforests'.

 Our Modern Foreign language curriculum is enriched through whole school themed language days, providing the opportunity for focused learning experiences about culture and tradition, as well as spoken language.

As a community we are committed to ensuring our pupils' experience and develop responsible environmental and democratic principles, so that they are equipped to meet the challenges of their futures through a practical and relevant curriculum. We have gained an extensive amount of learning from previous links with schools in India and South Africa and are planning to establish new global connections in the coming year.

We are dedicated to preparing our pupils for success in an ever-changing world by creating and nurturing a community of life-long learners and responsible citizens who embrace and promote the SPIRIT of Silverhill..