About Our School

Silverhill Primary School opened in April 1971, caters for children aged between 4 and 11 and in this school year will have approximately 400 pupils on roll. It is a co-educational Primary School administered by Derby City Council and is a nondenominational school. It is situated in the middle of residential housing, on a spacious site with playing fields adjacent to the building.

The prime aim of the school is to create a stimulating, exciting and happy environment where children are eager to learn and develop and where they are encouraged to achieve their potential in all activities.

We feel very strongly that school is a partnership between children, parents, teachers and governors and that by working together we can motivate children to succeed in all areas of their development.

Silverhill is a dynamic and forward thinking school where we provide and maintain a culture of integrity and trust in which our pupils are honoured and people of all races, faiths and backgrounds are valued and respected. The spirit of our school promotes care in all that we do. Care for oneself and for each other, across cultures, distances and generations. We care for our environment locally and globally and as community are committed to becoming a sustainable environment. We are passionate about enabling children to become confident, resourceful and well educated members of our society and encourage everyone to seek and embrace the challenges and opportunities life presents, thereby enhancing personal development and leadership skills. We provoke high expectation, strong self-esteem, and high achievement in order to meet individual needs, be they educational or pastoral, and to allow each pupil to find a valued voice. We foster creativity and independence of mind, incite a love of learning and a life-long zest for education necessary for a successful and fulfilled future.

We welcome you and your family to our school community and hope that you will enjoy being part of the life of our school and share with us the pride and pleasure in the achievements of the children.